From Hamisa Mobetto to Lulu,Majizzo proposes

One of the biggest media moguls in Tanzania, Majizzo has taken famous actress lulu Elizabeth Michael from the cells to the bond of marriage after proposing to her in Dar Es Salaam in front of fans, friends and family that had no idea.

Majizzo is the founder and CEO of EFM a leading radio station. He is also actress Hamisa Mobetto’s baby daddy to a beautiful girl called fantasy that they had before Hamisa met with singer Diamond.

In along post previously, Hamisa mobetto revealed that her first born daughter was born with a man who loved her and provided for her.

Lulus’s proposal has come months after she was released from prison to serve a community service sentence. A great joy re entered her life after the actress had been sentenced to two year jail term in November 13, 2017 for accidentally killing her fellow actor,Stephen Kanumba.

At the court hearing Lulu narrated that the deceased who was her boyfriend then after a disagreement wanted to attack her with a panga but in the chaos he fell down, hit his head and slipped into unconsciousness. She then ran for her life and later learned that Kanumba had passed away.

At one point singer Bahati also wished to marry the beauty which introduced and made her trend in Kenya

Lulu Elizabeth Rachel

Elizabeth Lulu and Majizzo started dating way back before she was imprisoned for manslaughter. Looks like their love survived her storm and created a perfect heaven for her after serving probation mid this year where she was tasked with cleaning the Tanzanian Interior Ministry building as she completes the rest of her prison term at home.

The overwhelming proposal left her in tears for total disbelief and joy all together.


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Nimefurahi sana sana sana. Huwa nasema na huwa namaanisha.

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She was arrested at the age of 17 and taken into custody at Oysterbay police station before she was later charged with murder and remanded t a Tanzanian prison for seven months.

Congratulations to her!!!


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