“I do miss you sometimes” Otile brown’s confession on Vera’s Birthday


Today is  Vera Sidika’ s birthday and I have a feeling  I am not the only one who has been waiting to see whether Otile Brown will send a public post to wish her.The couple has had  pretty dramatic times and Kenyans feel like they deserve to know what happened since the two had publicized their relationship on social media.

Their break up started as  joke when Vera was said to have deleted Otile Brown photos from her Instagram page. With the rumors that the two were not doing so well in their relationship, Kenyan artist Otile Brown dropped a new song ‘Baby Love’ where Vera Sidika was featured in the video. Kenyans felt like the two staged their break up as  a strategy to market the song.

Their break up between the pair caused a lot of attention and concern among fans. A few months ago,  Vera  is said to have shared a long Instagram post claiming to have turned down top businessmen, Governors and Presidents, all for Otile, only to get heartbroken.

However, Otile went ahead to give his side of the story and According to him, Vera was hell-bent on ruining his career, by making the women, who make up a large part of his fan base turn their backs on him.

In his post he said, “Waah the hate is too much just because somebody is quite doesn’t mean they’re guilty, am just trying to handle the entire issue as a grownup.. I promised myself that I won’t respond to the allegations until I realized just now that this was a mission to eradicate my career by making women hate me coz most of my following are women and yeah she’s succeeding… She’s playing victim and its unbelievable coz just a day before her posts we had a proper meeting and concluded everything as grownups coz the relationship wasn’t working for me,” read part of the post.

It has been months of silence the break up between Otile Brown and Vera sidika. Even more silence since the ‘Niacheni’ song which left fans thinking and suspecting  that Vera Sidika had aborted Otile Brown’s child. Today, as Vera celebrates her birthday in Dubai, Otile took to his Instagram page to admit that he misses his ex-lover sometimes.He also went ahead to wish Vera a happy Birthday. The pair had been together for a couple months until they announced their break up without giving clear reasons. Both of them gave contradicting stories.


“You are such a beautiful person… I do miss you sometimes” reads part of Otile Brown’s caption


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