Mutua: “You can’t lecture me…” morality debate rages on



Economist and Public Intellectual, David Ndii had earlier responded to Ezekiel Mutua’s twitter post on matters morality and religion. KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua had stated that he had no apologies for his stand.

This comes days after the debate on homosexuality and whether it was right for KFCB to ban the Rafiki Film which is said to have ‘homosexual content’. Ezekiel Mutua has stood firm to defend his reasons behind the ban and why he does not approve on the content. Mutua had also mentioned that it is because the film director Wanuri Kahiu had altered the script of the film even though it was not in accordance to the agreement they had with the board.

David Ndii had responded saying that Mutua’s religion should have no influence on his job.

1. Morality is not synonymous with christianity. 2. Kenya is a secular state and your religion should have no influence on your job. 3. You continue to demonstrate that education was wasted on you.

“Nothing drains people of their moral and intellectual rigour like blind activism that worships foreign NGOs. Most of the so called intellectuals end up as gays or they fight their Governments to please foreign masters. The NGOs driven economy is the modern day witchcraft!” He added in another tweet.

Mutua also strongly criticized  the act of people remaining neutral during a moral crisis. Although Kenyans have been blasting him for his reasoning, some are there to support his decisions.

A couple days ago he also spoke after the news that the Rafiki Film which had been banned  failed to be nominated in the Oscars saying that:

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