Panic-stricken Maribe and how she met Joe


Related imageJacque Maribe had no idea that the man she loved was going to be embroiled in a brutal and senseless murder, as a prime suspect.

So deep was her love that she let Joseph ‘Jowi’ Irungu into her house and life without reservations.

Jacque told homicide investigators that she would let him use her car, daily. Jowie would drop her at work and pick her in the evening.

On the night he was shot, Jacque told police that Jowie walked into the house and said he had been shot and thus she drove him to various hospital from Nairobi West to Kijabe Mission Hospital.

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Police arrested Jowie at Jacque Maribe’s house in Langata where they both were chilling.

The detectives also carried away samples for testing. They recovered a live bullet in her house that was taken for further testing.

Police are still looking for the ‘kanzu’ he wore when he went to Monicah Kimani’s house in Kilimani on the day she was murdered.

The screen siren narrated the genesis of their relationship saying that she meet Jowie in a popular city club earlier this year.

They fell in love and a few months later he proposed to her. That is when they moved in together.

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A pal who is close to Jacque Maribe sought anonymity revealed some information about their relationship.

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The anonymous source said:

He loved her. That is what we know.

The source added:

As a friend, I have hung out with both of them, they were a Regular great couple that loved each other.

What did the source think about the drama that had now ensued?

Whatever has happened now is a shock to everyone. We hope against hope… We hope for the best.

The source’s parting shot was:

Jacque has been my friend for a very long time. She is an amazing girl and we are hoping for the best. This is a man that she was supposed to marry. So, if anybody knew that this was something he was close to doing, then I don’t think any of her friends would have let it happen.

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