Will Mutua reverse the ban on Rafiki Film?

It is only 2 days left for until the ban on Rafiki Film is reinstated. Film Director Wanuri Kahiu has today announced that the movie will be aired in different parts of the country including, Kisumu and Mombasa. After Saturday the ban continues.


KFCB  CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua has put up a poll  to ask on whether Kenyans support the ban of homosexual content or not. Could this be intentional? Could this be a move that would change his mind? Well it is only a matter of time until he speaks in response to the poll. Probably after the votes.



This poll has caused a debate as KOT have sought to give their views and express how they feel about homosexuality. Here are some of the comments

Earlier on this had been one of Mutua’s statement in regard to the film. “The debate on “RAFIKI” is not about freedom. It’s about our essential values. The hullabaloo about artistic freedom is a decoy. The big agenda is to corrupt our culture and moral values, and to kill the institution of family”

Following the poll, maybe this might change but Mutua has remained clear that he strongly supports the ban ever since the debate began.

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