Should Obado Be Worried? Justice Lessit Sentenced Ruth Kamande to Death

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Lady Justice Jessie Lessit, the woman on whose hands the fate of Migori Governor Okoth Obado currently lies is a no nonsense judge who sentenced Ruth Kamande to the hangman last month.

Justice Lessit, demonstrated her ruthlessness on Thursday, when she ruled that Obado should be remanded for 12 more days at Industrial Area Police Station awaiting the ruling on his bail application.

The governor is facing murder charges for the death of his seven month pregnant girlfriend Sharon Otieno whose mutilated body was found in Kodera forest, early this week.

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An autopsy report revealed that, Sharon had been gang raped before being stabbed eight times. One of  the stabs penetrated her womb and killed her unborn baby.

A paternity test has since revealed that Obado was the father of the unborn baby. The prosecution is also pushing for the governor to be charged with killing his unborn son.

But what should the governor expect from Justice Lessit? On July 19th this year, the judge sentenced Ruth Kamande, 24 to death for stabbing her boyfriend 25 times.

Kamande was found guilty for killing Farid Mohammed in 2015. “I want young people to know that it is not cool to kill each other. If you have an issue with a boyfriend, just walk away and forgive,” said Lessit.

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Justice Lesiit, termed the killing as gender-based violence, adding that she was manipulative and controlling.

Less than two months since the ruling, Justice Lessit finds herself at the center of another murder case. Sharon was stabbed eight times. If found guilty, Obado could also be facing the hangman

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