Paul Pogba vs Jose Mourinho: Who would Win?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would have surely heard about the tension between Manchester United boss, Jose Mourinho and World Cup Winner, Paul Pogba. It is well documented that Mourinho is not a big fan of Pogba’s off-field antics and also his attitude on the field has also angered the Portuguese Manager.

With the recent issue regarding Pogba’s Instagram story at Old Trafford during the Red Devils loss to League Two side, Derby County.

Fans seem to be divided between Mourinho and Pogba, with almost the entire fan base unsure of whom to blame for this mess. Former players have voiced their opinions regarding this issue, but mostly they have been urging both of them to put their differences aside and put the interests of the club first.

If this war has to go to the very end, here are two reasons why Jose Mourinho will triumph Paul Pogba.

Manchester Utd hierarchy has long been dreaming about someone to take over the mantle from Sir Alex Ferguson. They feel that they have got some aspects of the legendary manager in Jose Mourinho, as they are pleased with the Portuguese manager’s desire for success.

One thing that Sir Alex Ferguson had done brilliantly with his team was that he always made sure the players knew who the boss was and he kept them in constant check and if any of the players thought themselves to be bigger than the club then he made sure to offload that player or give him the hairdryer treatment.

Mourinho is one such manager who does not care about how valuable a player could be for the club’s fortunes, if his attitude is not where it is supposed to be, Jose will get him out of the club.

Paul Pogba’s attitude has not gone well with the fan base and also the board has been skeptical about his recent comments in the media regarding an Old Trafford exit. The board seems to trust Mourinho that he will form a team with players who want to play and fight for United.

Paul Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, has been talking about how Pogba could easily find a club if he is to exit the Theater of Dreams. He seemed to rather belittle United and made it sound like Pogba is bigger than the club. This is not healthy for a club with the stature and history as that of Manchester United.

The board is surely monitoring this situation and they would have surely noted the lack of reaction from Pogba regarding his agent’s comments. All this have stacked up against the World Cup winner and it is very likely that Man Utd will not intervene if Pogba decides to leave.

With Mourinho trying to build a club, keep his players in check and take it back to the promised land on one side, and with Pogba who is constantly talking about an exit and also has a bad mouthing agent on the other side, the answer is pretty clear as to who we should place our bets on to stay at Man Utd.

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