Mutua blasted amid homosexuality debate

Kenya Classification Board CEO; Ezekiel Mutua today initiated a  heated debate on homosexuality after posting a poll on whether people support the ban of gay content or not. This comes days after the temporary lifting of the ban of Rafiki Film.

The screening of the movie was allowed for 7 days and after that the ban shall be reinstated. KOT however got the opportunity to give their views. As other supported the ban, while others were against it, some took this opportunity to give the comments below.

Then why does he keep yapping, some of these things ajiwekee. Anajaribu kuzuia wanuri kutell stories let him censor pornhub and the likes..

— Mwanzia and 99 others (@mwanziamualuko) September 27, 2018


Mutua has stood firm on his view in regard to this and has shown great concern about the  ‘morality and family values’ which he feels need to be protected.

Here are some of the comments that support his move.

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