Shut up! Raila Odinga Blasted after latest Push

Kenyans on Twitter have blasted ODM Party leader Raila Odinga for his push for referendum.

Odinga in May 2108 during the 5th devolution Conference in Kakamega had proposed a three tier system of government which can only come into effect through a referendum.

Odinga argued out that the three tier system of government is the one that was drafted at Bomas but was just omitted.

His proposal will reduce representations in the government whereby the counties will have to reduce to 16 with only a governor and two senators, a woman and a man.

The proposal will also see reduction in the number of constituencies.

Odinga argued that this will reduce the Kenya’s wage bill that has gone high with the implementation of the new constitution that introduced devolution.

However, Kenyans on Twitter haven’t taken any of Odinga’s ideas by going ahead to troll him for calling for another referendum.

Odinga wants referendum before the next general elections in the year 2022.

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