Machakos Residents Suffer in Silence as Governor and MCAs Engage in Supremacy Battles

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The tussle between Machakos MCAs and their Governor Alfred Mutua continued as the two parties exchanged blame over several issues affecting the county.

Machakos MCAs are now accusing Mutua of making false claims over funds set aside for purchasing water tanks.

They rubbished the allegations that money meant to buy the tanks for churches and the elderly were diverted for their own travel expenses.

Led by Majority Leader Mark Muendo and Deputy Speaker Paul Museku, the county leaders instead accused their Governor of undermining them.

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According to them, no one can transfer funds from one arm of the county government to another because the Assembly and Governor’s office are independent.

They added that the Commission of Revenue Allocation even sets a limit for their budget.

During a meeting of over 30 MCAs to address challenges they are facing, they also alluded to Mutua using their opponents, who lost in the 2017 elections, to fight them.

They dismissed accusations of ignoring the Governor’s office and further claimed that Mutua is looking for excuses to replace them.

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