Philanthropic Man United star donates a fortune to medically challenged kid

Manchester United  midfielder Nemanja Matic reportedly has donated £63,000 to a four-year-old boy who needed to go to Barcelona in desperate need of medical treatment.

The midfield enforcer is famed for helping out his local community where he was born in Vrelo, Serbia.

In a small town with just over 1,500 people, Matic paid off the village’s debts as well as donating for repairs to the school he attended.

But his latest gesture has proved what a hero he truly is to his people after donating a huge sum of money to a young boy in dire need of medical attention.

The child reportedly suffers from neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer.



After a supposed fundraiser for the 4-year-old, an anonymous donation of £63,000 (€70,000) came through.

It seemed that the United man wanted to keep the attention of off him until a news outlet in his homeland uncovered the revelation.

And that is thanks to the kid’s father Aleksandar Todorovic,

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