Revealed! This Person Is The Secret Mentor of Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku is in fine form for Manchester United. The Red Devils hitman has racked up 4 goals in 5 Premier League matches and looks hungry for more. Lukaku’s form offers even more hope for the United fans who are feeling optimistic on the back of 3 back to back away victories following their early-season slump.

Lukaku reached the Premier League 100 goals club, becoming the 28th player to do so and is looking forward to continuing his development as a world-class striker.

Now Romelu Lukaku has revealed in an interview with the¬†Premier League Website¬†that Didier Drogba’s mentorship has gone a long way in helping him.

Lukaku said,

“I’m really happy, it’s been a nice journey until now where I’ve learned a lot and improved a lot and I want more,”

“My first game [with Chelsea], yeah it was Norwich. We won the game and I came on and did really well.

“Well he’s [Drogba] been a part of my process from day one until now, we talk almost every day.”

Thierry Henry is another Premier League legend who Lukaku is close to and the pair has worked together on the international stage for the Belgium national team. So, it looks like Lukaku has enlisted the very best to draw inspiration from.

Lukaku, who had quite a decent first season at United, is looking to add more goals and more trophies to his cabinet.

On being asked if he fancies the Golden Boot, Lukaku replied,

“Obviously. Always. I think you always compete every year against Aguero, Kane, Salah this year. You always think about it as a striker.”

“But at the end of the day I want to score as much as I can but I want to win championships. That’s why I signed for Manchester United. Obviously playing here is a guaranteed playing for trophies and that’s why I signed here.”

The way it’s been going, Lukaku might well have another 20+ goal season.

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