“MPs failed us” KOT react to the effect of Financial Bill


Under the new financial bill that was today signed by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenyans have expressed their sentiments saying that the Members of parliament did not represent them well yesterday during the debate. Although President Kenyatta has explained his reasons, it still does not sit well with Kenyans.

President Kenyatta has said that it is because of his intentions to keep fighting corruption. Kenyans however feel that the passing of the bill will lead to their suffering and drain them financially. Already new prices have been announced shortly after the signing of the bill into a law.

But who is to blame? Kenyans think that the MPs yesterday only voted while thinking about themselves and their personal interests. In other words, Kenyans feel that the MPs failed them.


In a poll put on KTN twitter platform. Kenyans were to state whether they felt well represented during the 2018 Financial bill vote.


From the poll, most felt that the members of parliament did not meet their expectations.

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