More Drama expected as Museveni arrests Journalists covering Bobi’s Return

Several journalists including family and friends of Bobi Wine have been arrested by police in Uganda when they tried to access Entebes Airport ahead of MP Bobi Wine’s return.

Ugandan President had o Thursday banned Bobi Wine’s welcome party that had been planned by his followers and friends in Uganda after Bobi’s announcement that he was coming back home.

Museveni also barred journalists from accessing Entebes Airport, moments after Bobi Wine’s brother had been arrested after trying to access the airport contrary to Museveni’s order.

Bobi Wine arrived from the United States through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport where he boarded a Kenya Airways flight to Entebes Airport.

It is alleged that Ugandan singers Eddie Yawe, Nubian Li and his producer Dan Magic are among others who have been arrested and detained.

The logic behind Museveni’s ban on Bobi’s welcoming party as well as denial to access the airport by journalists, family and friends is not clear as a lot of drama is expected to happen behind the scenes.

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