Lyon to ban a fan for life due to Nazi-saluting during Manchester City clash


Lyon are seeking to identify a fan accused of performing a Nazi salute during their 2-1 win over Manchester City in the Champions League group-stage opener on Wednesday at the Etihad Stadium, and will ban him from games for life.

A video that circulated via social media showed a supporter raising his right arm, leading to a police investigation over an alleged hate crime.

In a statement, Lyon acknowledged the video’s existence and said the fan will not be allowed to attend their games, either at Groupama Stadium  back in France, or elsewhere.

“This is absolutely abhorrent behaviour and it has no place in our community and no place in sport,” Greater Manchester Police chief inspector Gareth Parkin said in a separate statement. “We are committed to policing racism at football matches, and hate crimes of any sort will simply not be tolerated.

“We will be working closely with French police and both clubs to identify the person responsible.”

Manchester police also said they arrested two individuals in Manchester city centre before the match and charged them with affray.

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