REVEALED: Why Redsan did not perform new song at “the baddest” launch

Redsan has been the talk of the day amid all the drama that is linked to the launch of his new album “the baddest”  Kenyans claim that the reason why he did not perform is because hi music was not ready. These claims are however not prove because during the launch, the team hyped it and also gave details on the platforms in which the music would be available.

Ever since the  complaints aired on twitter by Nigerian Songstress ;Tiwa Savage, Kenyans have been eyeing the Kenyan Reggae artist to see if there would be any details revealed.

Sources on twitter reveal that he was engaged in a violent confrontation with  a producer on unclear grounds. KOT could not hold back their comments.


Some artists are known for fooling people by raising petty scandals  so that their music would  trend shortly after releasing albums or tracks. Is Redsan’s case a strategy too? Well we cannot be sure.


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