Redsan accuses promoters of killing the music industry


Just when we thought  that the drama behind ‘the baddest launch’ was over, those involved prove that it has just began. It’s crazy. First Tiwa savage was left stranded, second Redsan is said to have been involved in a fight with a promoter and now he accuses them of slowly killing the music industry.

Redsan, has fired a warning shot to rogue promoters saying he will expose them. Can someone tell us what is happening? Who are these rogue promoters? It is revealed that Redsan stormed sappy’s recording Studio after his phones calls went unanswered to demand for the Master Collection to this Baddest Album.

Taking to Instagram, Redsan also stated that  despite the incident  he was still tight with Tiwa Savage whom he thanked for showing up and pulling an “amazing show” alongside Jamaican dancehall artist Demarco. This in indication that Tiwa Savage’s degrading treatment had nothing to do with him. The artists are totally okay. No beef. No hard feelings.He also addressed his haters “for all  the haters that think I am behind this,guess what,your bullet missed once again. ” he said

In a long message that he shared on his instagram page, he called out on the promoters without revealing their names.

He also went ahead and said that the promoters are acting in a way that reveals their intention of killing the music industry.


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