Kenyans divided on Raila Odinga’s decision to support Uhuru’s fuel VAT proposal

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is a man who divides opinions and he has done no less with his stance on the Fuel tax row.

Kenyans, including Raila Odinga’s son, have hit out at the opposition kingpin after he led National Super Alliance (Nasa) MPs in declaring support for President Kenyatta’s proposal to impose eight percent VAT on fuel.

Mr Odinga presided over a meeting of Nasa MPs at Orange House and whipped them into supporting the proposal, albeit with conditions. And for this, he has angered some the million of Kenyans who are set to bear the brunt of the new taxes.

His son, Raila Junior, was among those Kenyans who took issue with the Nasa’s move.

And he clearly was not alone..


Would it?

Some however defended the Former Prime Minister..

Fair points..

Eat Baba, eat…

The debate is sure to continue for the next few days as Members of Parliament seek to find clarity on the issue via a special sitting that will commence on Thursday.


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