Is Moses Kuria Supporting Telecommunication Taxes?

Moses Kuria was on Tuesday evening saying that taxation is the only way the government can legibly generate revenue.

Kuria who was speaking during a televised TV interview was calling upon Kenyans to support the proposed taxes for the government to meet its Development Agenda.

According to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s proposal of 8% VAT tax on petroleum products, prices of petroleum products will slightly drop whilst new tax will be imposed on telecommunication services.

Bank transaction costs are slated to rise as 20% tax will be imposed, mobile money transactions tax is slated to rise from 10% to 20% where as data bundles will have to cost 15%.

Kenyans are angered by the move with some condemning the MPs for sycophancy as they only represent their self interests.

Kuria who also said on a live television that his people normally send him flash backs(please call me) has also been highly condemned for supporting the telecommunication taxation.

More tough moments are expected ahead for Kenyans if these telecommunication taxes are brought to effect considering the fact that the introduction of 10% tax on mobile money transfer services greatly affected transaction tariffs.


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