Armed man storms the pitch during a KPL match

A man purpoted to be an  administration police  in plain clothes on Saturday invaded the Kericho Green Stadium armed with a pistol and caused unrest after A Kenya Premier League match between Zoo Fc and Bandari FC which ended in a 1-1 draw.

After the match, he stormed the field and headed to the Bandari FC technical area brandishing his pistol and pointing at the players who were conversing with the coaches after the match.


In the ensuing scuffle, Wyckie was confronted by Bandari captain Felly Mulumba, former Harambee Stars goalkeeper Wilson Oburu; with another official attempting to restrain him from attacking the players yet he was armed.

The pitch invader is said to be a police officer in Kericho, and a former Goalkeeper for Zoo Fc.


The Federation of Kenya Football (FKF) CEO says  they are  now investigating the whole incident, and also will consult the match officials, The KPL and both clubs

Fans are now calling on KPL management to ensure that they are safe while out enjoying the game and no such life threatening incidences reoccur in future.

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