Police Exposed for Releasing Charcoal Burner

A truck loaded with bags of charcoal after it was impounded by forestry officers on Sunday, September 9, 2018. /KURGAT MARINDANY

Forestry officers in Kajiado on Monday expressed their discontent with the release of a police officer who was arrested with charcoal on Sunday.

The officers arrested the cop and impounded the GK lorry he was driving. The vehicle was loaded with 29 bags of charcoal before it was impounded at Maili Tisa on the Namanga-Kajiado highway.

Kajiado Central OCPD James Kimani said the suspect will not be taken to court but will be reprimanded “administratively”.

“As a service, we have our own regulations and conduct that our officers are expected to adhere to. We have our internal mechanism of dealing with any contravention to the set regulations,” Kimani said.

A dissatisfied officer told journalists that they prefer the suspect arraigned in order to deter other rogue officers who may attempt to commit such crimes.

The officer complained that since forest rangers have no power to prosecute cases, the impunity exhibited by the said police officer may continue growing its ugly head. The government imposed a ban on logging six months to save forests.

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