‘It is ok to cry after a failed Relationship’ Babu Owino

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Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has said that it is ok to cry after a failed relationship. He said that the reason why most young people have suicidal thoughts after a relationship goes down south is moving on too fast.

‘It is okay to take time, cry and share what’s ailing your heart to avoid permanent breakdown and constant suicidal thoughts!’ Babu posted on his Twitter handle.

The youthful lawmaker joined the world in marking the world suicide prevention day. This day comes in the wake of many love related suicides.


In April this year, a Chuka University student hanged himself after he found out that his girlfriend was having an affair with another man.

he student, identified as Kelvin Mugendi left behind a suicide note addressed to ‘Stella Njeri Kagendo’ who is believed to be the girlfriend.

According to JR Saitoti, Secretary General of the students’ union, Kevin committed suicide on Wednesday night, April 4. He confirmed that Kevin also wrote a letter to his mother before he died.

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