Fire fighters manage to put out fire reported at Tribeka bar and restaurant ,Nairobi.

Firefighters at the Tribeka Lounge on Banda Street on September 10, 2018. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS

Fire fighters have managed to put out fire reported at Tribeka bar and restaurant on Banda Street, Nairobi. A fire incident was reported inside Tribeka Lounge on Monday afternoon.

The fire broke out after an oil cooking fryer burst into flames. Staff at the bar and restaurant were forced to evacuate the premises as the fire became uncontainable.

According to a woman who works as a chef at the restaurant, the cooking fryer that uses electricity malfunctioned and they could not switch it off.

“The oil in the cooker just kept on boiling. My colleague tried to switch it off but it could not go off. That is when we removed the socket from the main switch and it burst into flames,” she said.

The management is yet to determine the extent of the damage.

Firefighters from the Nairobi County responded and contained the fire before it could spread.

Tribeka, a popular night club, is located on Banda Street.


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