Revealed how Manchester United’s Mourinho tactics fail

In the light of a reported burst up with Paul Pogba, Jose Mourinho has drawn also of comments including from former Chelsea midfielder Steve Sidwell who says that The Portuguese isn’t afraid to challenge senior players.

In the build-up to the Germany game while on international duty with France, Paul Pogba commented saying, “My future is currently in Manchester. I still have a contract, I am playing there at the moment, but who knows what will happen in the next few months.” The comments cast a huge shadow over Pogba’s future at Manchester United. Sidwell who played under Jose Mourinho in his first spell at Chelsea back in 2007 knows a thing or two about the manager.

Sidwell noted that Mourinho likes to bond with his stars but isn’t afraid of challenging them, “Just an insight when I was at Chelsea with Jose and working with him and seeing how he was with players then, he wanted that bond. He wanted that trust first and foremost from the players and he wanted to have that bond. He wanted to know how their private lives were going, how their kids were, wanted to have his arm round them at times of need. It just seems that has completely gone from him and Pogba.”

The retired midfielder thinks that Pogba may had not reacted well to Mourinho’s treatment, judging from the manager’s past experience, “It doesn’t seem that it’s going to get to the level that he had with other players. Look at the likes of him and (Marco) Materazzi at Inter Milan when he was crying after the game. But then again I remember Jose sort of challenging players in the dressing room, challenging Drogba and JT (Terry) and see how they react. So has he done that with Pogba and it’s backfired a little bit and it’s not going the way he wants again?”

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