Neymar speaks on Ronaldo’s decision to join Juventus

This year, for Neymar, it was not a smooth year. After joining the Grand Paris, it did not achieve very good results. In the World Cup, there was a “Neymar Roll” incident. The inner team led by Brazil was in the World Cup. Neymar has also been eliminated from various awards. However, Neymar is one of the stars that people pay attention to. Recently, Neymar accepted an interview with the Brazilian media when he was doing charity. He talked about Cristiano Ronaldo’s joining Juventus. thing.

内马尔:为C罗的决定感到高兴,他离开后皇马就一直在走下坡路!When Neymar was asked in an interview about the impact of Cristiano Ronaldo joining Juventus into Serie A, Neymar expressed his opinion. Neymar believes that Cristiano Ronaldo will completely change Italian football, Serie A will revival. Ronaldo is an outstanding player, and he is also a genius. He has put a lot of effort into football. Ronaldo is a legend in world football.

内马尔:为C罗的决定感到高兴,他离开后皇马就一直在走下坡路!Neymar thinks Ronaldo’s decision is correct and is happy with Ronaldo’s decision. Although this is a tough decision for Ronaldo, Neymar hopes Ronaldo will have good luck. Before this summer’s La Liga transfer window did not close, Neymar has been the target of Real Madrid’s signings, but recently the summer window closed to dispel Real Madrid’s ideas, Neymar also talked about this in the interview, and said that he will not join Real Madrid. å†…马尔:为C罗的决定感到高兴,他离开后皇马就一直在走下坡路!

Neymar said that he has no interest in Real Madrid. He does not think that he will choose to join Real Madrid. Now the lineup of Big Paris is very well equipped and has a strong giant attraction. Nowadays, Paris has the best football lineup in the world. Real Madrid can give Neymar the same conditions Paris can also give, and after Ronaldo left Real Madrid, Real Madrid has been going downhill, the chance of winning the Champions League four consecutive championships is very low, may be more than the Grand Paris to win the Champions League The chances are still low.内马尔:为C罗的决定感到高兴,他离开后皇马就一直在走下坡路!

Although Real Madrid has always wanted to introduce Neymar, but has not been able to do so, the director of Greater Paris has said that Mbape and Neymar are not for sale, and now Neymar has decided to stay in Paris, and Mbape’s goal is to help. Big Paris won the Champions League! What do you think of this matter? Welcome to leave a message below!

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