Revealed! How Jubilee Bloggers have been Paid to Sponsor #StepAsideMwilu Tag

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It seems some Jubilee bloggers have been paid to sponsor the hashtag #StepAsideMwilu. That is according to a section of Kenyans on Twitter who reveal that someone in the ruling party desperately wants the Deputy Chief Justice out of office to go to such crude measures.

Information gathered on Twitter also reveal that the bloggers were paid as little as Ksh 527 shillings for the job. A section of Kenyans don’t understand why someone should be pushing for the DCJ to step aside yet her case is already before the courts.

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another reason why the hashtag is so suspicious is the fact that Kenyans are now dealing with serious issue like the fuel tax which directly affects their personal life since it is going to increase the cost of living. So why would Mwilu’s case take center stage at the moment?

This is what Kenyans on Twitter said:

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