Brenda Wairimu celebrates her youthful grandmother

Brenda Wairimu recently posted a photo of her grandmother on Instagram and she happens to be an example of aging gracefully.

Her grandmother just turned 80 years old and as one of her fans mentioned in the comment section, she doesn’t look a day over 60.

Of course, one would want to know what her secret is and Brenda cleared it up with her caption saying:

“My cucu turned 80 the other day. I could lie and say I look like her, truth is she looks like me . I could lie and say she has the same skin care routine as I do, but truth is I have the same one as her . I could lie and say we both are using @dettolkenya #Eventone with #pomegranate fragrance, but truth is she just has good genes . Happy birthday Mother Big!!!”

When we’re 80, we want to look just like her.

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