Agent Confirms That Arsenal’s Captain Is Considering Leaving: But what is the destination?

The serious injury in the Europa League in May this year, let Arsenal captain Koscielny miss the World Cup. Today, he has begun to resume casual training and is expected to return in advance. However, his agent revealed an information that has made gunners fans less happy: K6 is considering leaving Arsenal .

Koscielny’ss agent, Courbis, in an interview with French Football, confirmed that he was considering leaving the team: “He started thinking about following Wenger’s footsteps and leaving Arsenal. Now is the time, I have started planning this. And received two or three quotes.”

“We are open to the transfer, both China and France, but Koscielny will not consider playing for other Premier League teams other than Arsenal. Since he contacted Marseille last season , he is considering regression . The possibility of A. “

In 2010, Koscielny, who had only one year of Ligue 1 experience, moved from Lorientto Arsenal. The first season was accused of fatal mistakes in the League Cup final. But under Wenger’s patient guidance, Koscielny grew from a ruined guy to Arsenal’s defense backbone, and has represented the Gunners 324 times. This season is the 33-year-old ninth season for Arsenal.

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