Matić: ” Manchester United still has the chance to win the champion. Mourinho’s words are for shifting external stress.”

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho’s remarks after losing to Tottenham have sparked extensive discussions.

 In this regard, Manchester United midfielder Matić believes that Mourinho helped the team to transfer the pressure from the outside world, ensuring that Manchester United is fully committed to preparing for Burnley.

Matić believes that Mourinho always helps the player to block the pressure from the outside world: “He must know what he is doing, and you may understand his intentions. He is one of the best coaches in the world, and you know that he is coaching. How successful it is.”

Matić said that Mourinho did not change when he coached Chelsea:

“I think he handled these pressures well. This is why he coached Manchester United. I don’t think he has changed. Before playing against Burnley. He is very confident, and his preparations are also in place. We know that opponents may have frequent long passes, so Fellaini’s position is closer to the line of defense. I think this performance reflects the team’s style of play and proves We can still compete for the championship. From now on we must win more victories.”

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