‘How Kalenjins Are Stealing from their Fellow Kalenjins’

The biggest stumbling broke in  the fight against corruption in Kenya has always been the ‘Mtu Wetu Syndrome.’ This is where a person steals public funds but when questions are asked about the same funds they run back to their community and say ‘our tribe is being targeted.’

But what if the person you’re defending with your life is directly stealing from you? How would you feel? Rift Valley produces the largest amount of maize in East Africa, but it is also the region with the poorest farmers in East and Central Africa.

But did you know that almost 90% of employees from the Ministry of Agriculture come from the Kalenjin community. These are the same people who import fake fertilizers for farmers and go ahead to steal KSh six billion from National cereals board.

On Thursday, DPP Noordin Haji exposed the community’s leaders for their hypocrisy when he arrested employees of the Ministry of Agriculture in relation to the NCPB scandal.

Among those arrested was Principal Secretary Richard Lesiyampe and NCPB managing Director Newton Terer. A total of nine people were arrested, all of them from the same community.

And now K.O.T cannot understand how a community can steal from its own people.

The National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) is on the spot over some Sh1.9 billion paid to traders who supplied it with huge quantities of maize at the expense of farmers.

Officials said 18 traders colluded with top managers of the board and this saw the billions of shillings paid to them in a month.

Newton Terer resigned in May after Dr Lesiyampe questioned the dealings at the Parastatal. The matter had been under investigation in the wake of farmers’ complaints of non-payment of Sh1.9 billion for produce delivered to NCPB depots.



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