Kenyan Gamblers Suffer a Major Blow

The National assembly has rejected a proposal seeking the reduction of gaming tax from 35% to 15%. The MPs said that the gaming tax on revenue will remain the same as it was before.

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Kenyans have applauded the legislators for making the brave decision, saying that for the first time, the Parliament has sided with Mwananchi.

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Sports betting has been a major problem on the Kenyan youth in the past few years and the government hopes high taxation will help reduce the vice.

As gambling, and especially sports betting, becomes pervasive in Kenya—and Africa at large—its adverse effects continue to get acute. Researchers warn about the compulsive nature of gambling, and lack of proper safeguards to thwart underage gambling.

A customer has his money ready at a store in the sprawling Kibera slums in Kenya's capital Nairobi April 23, 2010.

In Kenya, which is home to the third-largest gambling market in Africa behind South Africa and Nigeria, smartphones and mobile digital technology have enabled betting practices. In a GeoPoll survey of youth between the ages of 17-35 in sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya had the highest number of youth who were frequently gambling.

The availability of tips shared via chatting groups like WhatsApp and Telegram have made it easier to access information about betting.

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