Juventus set to gift Ronaldo his best Real Madrid teammate

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Turin Sports News” reported that Juventus is preparing to pursue Marcelo next year.

Juventus has no chance to sign Marcelo this season, but everything will be different next season. Even if the transaction is still hampered, as long as Juve’s interest becomes actual action, a transfer is possible.

Although Marcelo will be 31 years old next year, he can still maintain his status for several seasons. Given that it will not even be possible to transfer the transfer fee for the next time, what is the price?

The contract between Marcelo and Real Madrid expires in 2022, which gives Florentino favorable conditions during the negotiations. Of course, the age of the players will be good for Juventus.

At present, the two sides have no contact, but considering the market conditions, a player like Marcelo may have to spend about 45 million to 50 million transfer fees.

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