Revealed! Is this the Untold Reason why Philomena Mwilu was Arrested?

The arrest of Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu has elicited different reactions in the Kenyan online community with most people believing that this could be the dawn of a new era in the fight against graft.

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Most people believe that the arrest of high profile government officials means that President Uhuru Kenyatta is wants to leave a good legacy behind and those who have stolen public money should be very afraid.

“Arrest of Deputy CJ Philomena Mwilu, one who has Security Of Tenure, On allegation of bribe of paltry Kshs. 12m, signals a new phase by President Uhuru Kenyatta in consolidating his legacy … Those who have stolen from the Public or received bribes: Be Afraid, Very Afraid!” Blogger Donald Kipkorir posted on his Twitter handle.

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But some people believe that this could be witch haunt and is part of the famous ‘We will visit the judiciary’ statement in the aftermath of last year’s election nullification. Already, the judiciary has complained about budget cuts.

Yet others believe that the President could be sending a message to his Deputy William Ruto that if the second in command in the Judiciary can be arrested, then the second in command in the executive should be very afraid of what is coming his way.

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Another theory has emerged that someone could be plotting to install Justice Njoki Ndung’u as the Chief Justice before the 2022 elections. According to this theory, Maraga who is 67 years will retire before the elections since he would be past 70 years, the retirement age of a Chief Justice. Since Philomena Mwilu was the likely person to replace her, she has been forced out of the way to pave way for Ndung’u who is friendly to forces that be.

Tokeo la picha la njoki ndungu

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