#KobiKiharaChallenge: Kenyans Destroy ex-NTV Presenter on Twitter

Kenyans on Twitter on Friday morning trolled former NTV host Kobi Kihara after posting a picture of salad on Instagram and captioned it ‘I make bad ass salad’.

Netizens went ahead and started the #KobiKiharaChallange on Twitter trying to imitate Ms Kihara.

Kobi who left the media industry, is currently is the United States studying for Fashion and design.

In the Salad Instagram post, Kobi even replied to one of her fans who enquired about the recipe, claiming that she found it on her mum’s fridge.


“Sawa honey will do: Recipe: it’s sliced cherry tomatoes, then mixed lettuce, you can find this kind in Zuccini or Chandarana in Nai, sundried tomatoes, bacon (fry till hard then break it up to small pieces), sliced grilled chicken, red onion, add spice of your choosing~I added rosemary, you can’t see it but I added cherry raisins and peanuts then of course Avocado baby! The dressing is pear vinaigrette, it’s so good! I found in my mums fridge.” Kobi replied.

Here are some of the #KobiKiharaChallenge tweets;

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