‘Mimi Sio Beggar wa kupewa shillingi moja’! Angry Nairobi Pastor Lectures Passengers

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This is just a warning to you who likes giving Matatu preachers one shilling offerings. Yaani wale wasee wanatoaga sadaka ya bob. One day utakipata cha mtema kuni.

There is a viral video going round on Social Media, where preacher is ranting and lecturing his congregation in a commuter bus for giving him one shilling as offering. But hiyo Mat inakaa tu ya Kayole

The short clip captures the angry man of God standing inside a public service vehicle, while holding what looks like a Bible.

He starts his tirade by telling the passengers how he loathes people who do not respect him as a preacher since he is not a beggar.

He then goes on to hold the one shilling in his hand asking the commuters if they can give their children a bob, likening the deed to Satanic practice.

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“This are the things that I hate kunidharau, mimi sio beggar, wewe unaweza pea mtoto wako hii? You can’t. How comes you can give me a man of God mwenye atasimam kwa mwili wako aiombee, that is satanic,” he says.

“Hauwezi ukatoa kitu kama hii, hata kama hauelewi ni mbaya sana. Hii imagine hata ukipata kwa gari hivi unaweza okota? Hauwezi. Wakati unapokuja kuchuwa mtu anakuwekea kwa mkono, sasa unakuja baadaye kuangalia ni nani huyu anadharau Mungu.”

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You should never underestimate the man who will bury you. It is not easy for the preacher bwana. You guys should understand that he has a family which also depends on your kindness. As  you’re busy making millions, the only thing standing between you and God is the pastor, alafu we unampatia bob.

Nairobians behave tafadhali!.

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